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DRAMA. Romania - Scorpion

Production Company: Radio Romania. Co-produced with The Arts University in Târgu Mureș, through Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe program. Author: Francesco Toscani. Translation: Eva Simon. Producer & Adaptation: Oana Cristea Grigorescu. Directing and Sound design: Mihnea Chelaru. Composer: Cristian Matei. Cast: Delia Nartea, Robert Radoveneanu, Coca Bloos, Ștefan Velniciuc, Constantin Florescu, Cosmina Olariu, Marius Călugărița, George Simian, Răzvan Ursuleanu.


Scorpion, Francesco Toscani's play, is a dystopia mirroring today's world, confronted with the effects of climate changes and the irreversible transformations generated by post-industrial civilization. The text focuses on the imminent destruction of the Earth, which causes spatio-temporal distortions and significant alterations of human relations. Feelings of melancholy in the face of an inevitable end are leveled by the hope of survival, confidence in the planet’s and its people innate capacity to save themselves and save their home. The cosmic menace and a life-threatening situation one of the spouses is confronted with overlap - reflecting fear of death in almost everyone’s private universe. Love is humanity’s regenerating force, the means to overcome the end of the world dystopia.

Francesco Toscani is a young Italian playwright within a group of authors promoted by the Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe international program. He is the winner of several Italian Hystrio 2019 theater awards for stage scrips. Scorpion is a recent text, created during a dramatic writing residency supported by Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe, and this is the playwright’s very first production in Romania.

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