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DRAMA. Switzerland - Roll over Beethoven

Production Company: Swiss Radio and Television. Authors and Directors: Johannes Mayr, Ulrich Bassenge. Sound engineers: Basil Kneubühler, Helge Schwarz. Dramatic advisers: Wolfram Höll, Katja Huber. Translation: Christopher Findlay. Musical supervision: Ulrich Bassenge. Pianist: Christian Ludwig Mayer.


Ludwig van Beethoven has moved from Bonn to Vienna. The democratically minded free spirit from the Rhineland promptly gets into conflict with the reality of the imperial and royal monarchy, as well as with his fellow human beings’ expectations.

As the first freelance artist in history, he struggles to deal with noble patrons, annoying social obligations, and the rush of mostly male groupies. A stubborn Swiss dilettante in search of a teacher in musical composition poses a recurring point of irritation.

Thus, the scrupulous composer is finding it very hard to put some decent notes on paper while being overrun with the hustle and bustle of the multinational imperial capital. And it could be so easy: all the poor man wants is some peace and quiet.

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