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DRAMA. UK - Eight Point Nine Nine

Production Company: BBC Audio. Author: James Fritz. Director & Producer: Becky Ripley. Sound engineer: Nick Ford. Cast: Samuel Anderson, Clare Perkins, Kwabena Ansah, Chetna Pandya.


What if doping were allowed in athletics? How much faster could we go? And at what cost?
A timely retelling of the Julian Mason scandal, one year on from the closure of Project Hermes, the controversial doping program that enabled Mason to run the 100m in under nine seconds. What drove the scientists at the heart of the project? What made the athletes sign up? And who was to blame when things went wrong? A searing investigation into the risks and rewards of pushing the boundaries of sport science.

This is an innovative drama from the award-winning partnership of James Fritz and Becky Ripley. Made in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust. It explores where society and sport fear to go, but to where we are irresistibly drawn. We can’t help it. We are fascinated by pushing our bodies as far as possible. We cannot let go of the idea of being the absolute best we can be. But where will that take us? An exploration of the moral and ethical boundaries – how far are we prepared to go?

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