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SHORT FORMS. Czech Republic - World number 33

Production Company: Czech Radio. Producer: Kateřina Rathouská. Author: Petr Hudský.

Director: Ondřej David. Sound engineers: Dominik Budil, Ondřej Gášek.


World Number 33 was first published as a podcast on the Czech Radio portal as a Christmas present for listeners in December, 2020. This short sci-fi podcast explores the story of the star of Bethlehem, the three kings and the birth of Jesus - as it might have happened. In this version, Captain and Lieutenant are supernatural beings who travel around the universe on various missions… including one to Earth. A relatively routine operation for Captain and ‘Lieutenant’ emerges a crucial event in the life of Earthlings.

The author of the short play - writer and screenwriter Petr Hudský (b. 1972) - regularly cooperates with Czech Radio and has explored similar themes in past works. For example, his short play Home Birth - a reference to the Old Testament and the story of Cain and Abel - won the 3rd place at the Prix Marulić in 2013 Short Forms category.

Producer Kateřina Rathouská (b. 1977) has also been making short dramatic formats for a long time, especially as part of her Minute Plays project which focused on short radio drama pieces in the broadest sense. Minute Plays and many other projects have been awarded various prizes at festivals at home and abroad.

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