Antetn GrandPrixNova 2022


SHORT FORMS. Serbia - Tesla

Production Company: RTS/Radio Belgrade. Producers: MA Predrag, D. Stamenkoviæ. Author, Director & Sound engineer: Nikoleta Raduloviæ.


Tesla’s genius mind, spiritual approach to science, generosity and many of his great qualities that still live on inspired me to make this composition. The point was not only to represent the atmosphere from his laboratory, but also to represent a whole path to establishing a contact with an extraterrestrial world – openness to the various ideas and a gift for materializing them give us a strong possibility of connecting with spiritual spheres, the ones that Nikola Tesla often mentioned.

In the composition, there is a musical climax that also represents a whole process of diving into a world of ideas. In the beginning, the idea slowly finds its own way to the human consciousness which is grounded and focused on its surroundings, then it intrigues human imagination, and at last, human being can start his voyage to the specific atmosphere of the world mentioned earlier and be one with it. Neither of the elements is a loner. This composition is formed by using many elements that cooperate, never having any element left to chance, which creates an analogy to the nature of surroundings and human mind. I often connect the meaning of the title with what my music certainly represents, and this is also the case.

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