Antetn GrandPrixNova 2022


SHORT FORMS. Serbia - Shimmy at the Latin Quarter Cemetery

Authors, Directors, Sound engineers & Producers: Sneżana RistiŠ & Radonja LeposaviŠ.


Hundred years have passed since the launch of Zenith – the first Yugoslav avant-garde magazine whose editor-in-chief was Ljubomir MiciŠ (1895-1971).

Zenith was first published in February 1921 in Zagreb. In 1923 MiciŠ transferred it to Belgrade, and in 1926 magazine was banned for allegedly spreading communist propaganda. Almost all of our contemporary authors were at some point associated with Zenith, and Ljubomir MiciŠ was in contact with many European avant-garde leaders and artists, relevant magazines and movements. Despite the controversy it was embroiled in, Zenithism is considered one of the most significant movements in the European historic avant-garde.

In the 12th Zenith issue of March 1922, Ljubomir MiciŠ published a script for the Zenithist Radio Film in 17 Pieces - Shimmy at the Latin Quarter Cemetery. This script dating from the time when our country didn't have a single radio station is an archetype for this audio-collage.

Narrator is Dr Irina SubotiŠ. Contributors from archive recordings* include former Zenithists Josip Seissel aka Jo Klek and Mihailo S. Petrov.

* Clips used in the feature include inserts from documentary-drama radio and television programs by Irina SubotiŠ and Vidosava GoluboviŠ, Milo╣ JevtiŠ, Dunja BlażeviŠ.

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