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SHORT FORMS. Spain - In the Absence

Production Company: RESONAR PRODUCCIONES. Producers: Miguel Deza, Stel Garcia, Jose Manuel Lopez Alcoitia. Author: Manu Barceló. Director & Sound engineer: Chuse Fernandez.


This audio drama is about an anonymous citizen who is going through solitary confinement, when a series of disturbing events with no apparent explanation begins to harass him in his own home.

This is the last chapter, were the listener will find some answers, and a lot of new questions. As the phrase with which we have been advertising it on the networks says: the strange is already inside, but it cannot leave.

Carried out during the first pandemic wave of COVID-19 in Spain with domestic media in full confinement.

The sensations, fears, dreams and nightmares of a person who suffers in the first person the effects of a situation not experienced by the world in the last hundred years.

The sound design tries to reproduce the scenario that a coronavirus patient encounters upon waking up in the ICU of any hospital. The protagonist of our story believes that he has woken up from a bad dream, although in reality everything has just begun.

The situation of loneliness in a pandemic. That was the Leit Motiv that drove this project.

It was recorded and edited remotely between two Spanish cities (Pamplona and Zaragoza) and all the editing, production, assembly and editing work was carried out in home studios since at that time Spain was in a State of Alarm.

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