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SHORT FORMS. UK - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Production Company: Almost Tangible. Producers: Charlotte Melén, Eleanor Mein. Authors: Beatrix Potter and Almost Tangible. Script adaptation and Production Coordinator: Alex Lynch. Director: Carl Prekopp. Sound engineer: David Chilton


Despite his mother's warning, little Peter ventures into Mr. McGregor’s garden to eat some lettuce and nearly ends up as rabbit pie…

Almost Tangible presents Beatrix Potter’s classic tale, brought to vivid life in an immersive audio adaptation. Fusing stunning narration with dramatisation and binaural sound design by David Chilton, each production places the listener directly in the action alongside these beloved animals and their plucky adventures! 

Peter Rabbit was recorded at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown as a family project for our performers Penny Scott-Andrews (Mrs. Rabbit), Andy Cresswell (Mr. McGregor) and their children Bertie (Peter) and Mabel (Flopsy). As weeks of homeschooling were taking their toll last spring, director Carl Prekopp asked the family if they’d be willing to voice some characters for the story and their lockdown suddenly brightened – the chance to go off into the woods pretending to be rabbits and squirrels was just what the doctor ordered! Penny and Andy are professional voice actors, but told us „The kids have always been interested in our work as voice actors and were thrilled to have their own parts. They loved every second, from the rehearsing, to the acting, to sourcing lots of sound effects. The chance for us all to 'play' as a family was a real privilege, and a time we will all treasure.”

Their beautifully lively dramatisation of the story was then carefully crafted to intertwine with Colleen Prendergast’s warm, enchanting narration – the result is a delightful experience for listeners of all ages. 

We recommend listening with headphones.

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