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SHORT FORMS. UK - The Tale of Two Bad Mice

Production Company: Almost Tangible. Producer: Charlotte Melén. Authors: Beatrix Potter and Almost Tangible. Script Adaptation: Carl Prekopp. Director: Eilidh Loan. Sound engineer: Johnny Edwards.


When Tom Thumb and his wife Hunca Munca go exploring in an empty doll's house, they find a dinner table full of delicious food.  Imagine their disappointment when it turns out the food is made of plaster!

Almost Tangible presents Beatrix Potter’s classic tale, brought to vivid life in an all-new immersive adaptation. Fusing stunning narration with dramatisation and binaural sound design, this story places the listener directly in the action alongside these beloved animals and their plucky antics! 

Two Bad Mice was recorded and produced entirely remotely in Covid-19 lockdown. Sound designer Johnny Edwards has merged the warmth of Sheena Bhattessa’s playful narration with bold, quirky characterisations of this pair of mice who get up to no good in a little girl’s nursery. The mice themselves, voiced by director Eilidh Loan, are splendidly silly and their liveliness brings this decades-old story a fresh perspective. Just 9 minutes long, this story is sure to bring out a giggle in listeners of all ages. 

I grew up listening to audiobooks so to have brought Beatrix Potter’s stories into the immersive audio world was really amazing. Working for the team is always the most fun, collaborative and supportive process. I believe an introduction to audio books, plays and stories at a young age is vital. I am dyslexic so audio was the only way I could follow along with stories. Over time it had a huge impact and contributed to the development of my reading skills. Creating this immersive adaptation of Beatrix Potter was unbelievably fulfilling and I am so proud of it.” – Eilidh Loan, Director

We recommend listening with headphones.

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