Antetn GrandPrixNova 2022


SHORT FORMS. UK/Finland - A Fenland Symphony

Produced by Chris Bradbury for Screen South. Exec Producer: Angela Hind. Author, Director, Composition and Recording: Chris Bradbury. Sound engineer: Chris Pepper. Final Mix: Andres Jaquemin.


A musical adventure: exploring stories around an eminent city at the foot of the Fens in England.

You think you know a place, but our cities are built on an array of stories and experiences. Six distinct people share insights into their lives around Cambridge, a world-famous city, known for it’s „town and gown” divide!

A dynamic musical composition, intertwining interviews, sound effects and an array of acoustic instruments. Developing from one genre to another, the music reflects the energy of the speech. Although conceptual to location, this musical composition explores themes and narratives that exist all over modern Britain. All instruments and sounds are recorded in Cambridgeshire, making a unique symphonic journey from the south of the Fens.

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