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BINAURAL DRAMA. Serbia - Kosingas Ep.3 -Todoratz

Production Company: RTV Vojvodina. Author: Aleksandar Te╣iŠ. Director: Manuel Srbin. Sound engineers: Aleksandar MarkoviŠ, Milorad IŠitoviŠ. Composer: Nikola JeremiŠ. 

On the eve of the great battle of Kosovo, the Order of the Dragon of the Serbian knights finds itself confronted by the fulfilment of the ancient Oracle of Fire, according to which one of their own knights will forever stop the onslaught of hordes of creatures from Hades. While the knights get ready for the final battle, the powers of the Hades try to kill the Warior from the Oracle and an invisible, silent war is faught between the old Slavic faith and Christianity. The first part of the trilogy Kosingas begins with a meeting of the three main characters: Monk Gabriel, King Marko and Prince Lazarus in Devil's Hamlet where they come to seek advice from the famous Prophetess Dragushla.

"Kosingas- The Order of the Dragon" was premiered on Radio Novi Sad, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Radio Novi Sad on Thursday, 28 November, at 11 pm during the usual Serbian Drama
Program. The entire series is aired regularly during the drama program and it's broadcasted with additional multimedia content at rtv.rs.
"KOSINGAS" was filmed at authentic locations: in Rakovac Cave, tunnels of Petrovaradin Fortress, Remeta Monastery, and former battlefields of the Serbian knights. The music for this work was composed by Nikola Nikita JeremiŠ, young awarded composer, who also composed music for Hollywood production films and numerous video games. For Director Manuel Srbin this is the first project of its kind and he does not hide his satisfaction that the editorial board of the Drama and Feature Program ventured to be the first in the binaural technique to do this trilogy in the form of the "Kosingas" radio drama series. About 30 actors from several Novi Sad theaters participated in the "KOSINGAS" project.

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