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DRAMA CATEGORY ( 12 productions )

SHORT FORMS CATEGORY ( 21 productions )


BINAURAL DRAMA. Germany - Dreamways

Producer: GERÄUSCHKULISSE. Authors, Directors & Sound engineers: Martina Weber, Lena Löhr, Carina Pesch.

Walk into a sleeping room. Lie down. Put on the headphones. Close your eyes. From a common starting point 3 dream experiences evolve. Each takes you on a different journey. Listening to all 3 dreams you may encounter familiar voices, objects, and places - though, from a little different perspective. The binaural radio play is a joint investigation into the characteristics of dreams by the 3 artists. Once you wake up will everything still be the same?

The linear composition is based on the sound installation Dreamways, that was produced for HearSay 2019 in Kilfinane, Ireland and presented again at ZiXP Festival in Leipzig, Germany the same year. 3 visitors at a time enter a space that resembles a sleeping room. 3 beds with duvets and pillows invite them - 2 beds stand next to each other, 1 across towards the foot end of the other 2. There is a lamp and 2 bedside tables with some items. The items are a glass of water, an apple, and Irish toffees on the table between the 2 beds, a smartphone and an old-fashioned alarm clock next to the single bed. The entrance scene was recorded binaurally on location from within the 3 beds making it sound just like the exhibition space for a very realistic experience. Visitors listen to the same going-to-bed scene from a different recording perspective, then drift into a different dream. The items in the room appear in the dreams as do the voices of the 3 artists. Reality and fiction fuse until all 3 dreamers suddenly awake by a loud noise. Was it in the dream or in the room? They take off the headphones and masks discovering that the lamp is lying on the ground.

The installation but also the linear composition transfer dreams from 1 mind and 1 body into the other. Each dream was created by one of the artists and expresses the characteristic approach to audio of the respective artist. Visitors slip into the body, mind, and dream of the artists. (Translations of German parts in the beginning are useful for all three entrance scenes)

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