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SHORT FORMS. Serbia - The Absence of Birds

Name for freelancer: Zoran Jerkoviæ. Author, Producer & Sound engineer: Zoran Jerkoviæ.

One of these days, as I was usually doing in the morning, I was looking through the window into the park bellow from the window of my room from the fifth floor of the building I am living expecting to see usual scenes - people who are walking, speaking or calling each other, doggies running and barking, kinds playing and singing. And birds all around on the trees and in the air. This time park was empty. I've seen just one or two contours looking like creatures in expressionistic films rushing somewhere similar to gray-checkered dolls. I did know and understood why the parcscape turned to be so different overnight. But what I didn't understand was the absence of the birds what made me more shaken than the absence of the living people. That day, every now and than, I was looking through the window expected to see at least some birds flying or singing or sitting on the trees. But I've seen only one crow on a dry branch, motionless and mute. It looked more like a stuffed bird than a living creature. When the night came I looked out the window once more before going to bed. Nothing new except the dead silence. The people are at home but where are the birds I was asking myself. Are they safe? Are the people safe? Are we all safe? I feel myself like the silhouette of the motionless crow. What I did for days after was "The absence of birds", a lullaby for birds and small creatures.