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DRAMA. Czech Republic - The Ears Game

Production Company: Czech Radio. Author & Director: Jiří Adámek. Producer: Renata Venclová. Sound engineer: Ladislav Železný. Cast: Vendula Holičková, Anna Bubníková, Pavol Smolárik, Ondřej Bauer.

Author and director Jiří Adámek found inspiration for his text and sound composition, The Ears Game, in the writings from the archive of the Brno-based art historian, theoretician and artist, Jiří Valoch. In his short fragmental works combining literature and visual art, Jiří Valoch considers the phenomenon of the word from various points of view. He explores the category of "statement" and its truth, and plays with the process of human perception. On a similar basis, Jiří Adámek tries to consider the principles of the word and sound in a radio work, or, more generally, the phenomenon of radio broadcasting and listening. The result is his radio-acoustic play, The Ears Game, in which the main roles are played by words, sentences and statements instead of human characters, and while listening to it we follow their catenation, development and mutual negation. The individual parts, written for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, are performed by Jiří Adámek's tried and tested collaborators from previous theatre and radio projects, Vendula Holičková, Anna Bubníková, Pavol Smolárik and Ondřej Bauer. The sound production and the overall music and sound design were created by Ladislav Železný, programme editor of the rAdioaCUSTICA project, which is focused on contemporary radio art. Broadcast by Czech Radio - Vltava on 25th September 2018 within the Contemporary Drama series.