Antet GPN 2023


SHORT FORMS. Czech Republic - Music for Sirens

Production Company: Czech Radio. Author: Ian Mikyska. Producer: Coworking project: BERG Orchestra z.s. and Czech Radio. Director: Jan Trojan. Sound engineer: Libor ©èerba. Eva Kesslová (director of
BERG orchestra). Clarinets: Renata Raková a Anna Sysová. Guitar: Tomáš Mika. Percussions: ©imon Veselý.

Every first Wednesday of the month at noon, sirens ring out across the Czech Republic for almost three minutes. It is simply a test of their operability, but it has become something of an event over the years. After years of dreaming and with the 20th seas on approaching in 2020, the BERG Orchestra asked twenty composers to write short chamber pieces that would use the siren test as a musical instrument. The result is a series of micro concerts / music interventions / happenings. The concerts take place at various universities, schools or in collaboration with institutions such as the Academy of Sciences, the National Library, and others. Every composer has a different approach, which is great! And thanks to co working with the Czech Radio team, who decided t o broadcast these concerts live, it has become literally a dream project. Contemporary music suddenly gets to a huge number of people at noon on a work day. It's playful, just like we like it!