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DRAMA. Poland - Broken

Production Company: Polish Radio Theatre. Producers: Beata Jankowska, Romuald Cie¶lak. Author: Marta Rebzda. Director: Waldemar Modestowicz. Sound engineer: Maciej Kubera. Music: Jarek Gawlik.


Agnieszka’s story is full of pain and suffering. From the age of ten she used to be regularly raped by her cousin, with her mother knowing but not reacting. At the age of eighteen Agnieszka ran away from home, straight into the arms of a man who became her tormentor over time. A few years back he beat her up and raped her. And then he was found not guilty last year. How can one tell such a story? In the simplest, most intimate manner possible. Only radio provides such an opportunity, in the form that oscillates somewhere between radio drama and a documentary. The author of Broken feared that she’d be accused of making a spectacle of the evil that had befallen her central character. So she found other girls to show that Agnieszka’s case is by no means isolated. It’s a regular phenomenon. Three of them came in within just two days: Marcelina, Daria and Magda. All refer to themselves as Broken.

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