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DRAMA. Switzerland - Dead Memory Clinic

Production Company: Welcome to Earth. Co-producers: Swiss Radio & Televison and Francophone Belgian Community Radio & Television. Author, Director & Producer: Sebastian Dicenaire. Sound engineer: Pierre Devalet. Sound editing: Héléna Réveillère. Editing consultant: Mathieu Haessler. Sound design: Anne Lepère. Sound effects: Elias Vervecken. Mixing: Gérald Wang.


Say goodbye to memory blanks and hazy recollections! Now, anyone can remember everything, thanks to technology perfected by Mnemosan: this company is able to implant in our brain an artificial memory that can record our memories during our entire life – these memories are then accessible via crypted USB.

Hippolyte Polycarpe is a young night nurse at the Dead Memory Clinic. He takes care of patients who have been put in an artificial coma, waiting for a hypothetical awakening and a reactivation of their memories thanks to the Mnemosan technology.

One day, a beautiful stranger arrives in Hippolyte’s department: she’s suffered brain trauma. Nobody knows who she is. The access to her memory (both natural and artificial) seems compromised for good. In order to give a „content” to this beautiful sheath with empty memory, Hippolyte breaks the rules and gives to this patient pleasing memories that he has taken from other patients. He falls in love with his creature and gives her a name – Barbara. They get married.

Barbara reacts rather well to Hippolyte’s secret treatment. Soon her memory, even though it’s artificially composed by Hippolyte, is as full and coherent as anyone’s. But there’s a big problem. The patients’ memories that have been uploaded to Barbara’s brain are not copied: they are erased. Eaten. Barbara is hungry for new memories. She always wants more. Hippolyte has to take bigger and bigger risks in order to satisfy her voracious needs. At some point, his “memory transfers” between patients and Barbara are noticed by his hierarchy. Barbara and he are expelled from the clinic. They go live in Hippolyte’s small apartment. And then, Barbara – or rather, the woman whose body was “occupied” by Barbara – wakes up. Her real name is Emily. All this time, Emily has been conscious in a corner of Barbara’s psyche. She hates Hippolyte and what he’s done to her body. She escapes from Hippolyte’s flat. The story ends as she’s starting to retrieve some of her own memories.

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