Antetn GrandPrixNova 2022


SHORT FORMS. Romania - Orango

Production Company: SEMI SILENT. Text based on a poem by Cosmina Moroșan. Director, Sound engineer & Producer: Manja Ristiæ. Voices: Manja Ristiæ, Jakov Viloviæ. Mixing: Mara Mărăcinescu.


Orango. A poem by Cosmina Moroșan is a radio art piece composed in the frame of the project POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration organized by SEMI SILENT in 2020.

Sonic voices, meaningful voices, object-voices, a multitude of possible voices assembling in a polyglot, virtual atrium. POLYPHONIC ECHOES is a sound art & poetry project, using translations in multiple languages as independent sonic objects, each with their own individual modes of discourse.

The poems have been selected by V. Leac from Hotel Cosmos, a 2019 anthology of sci-fi poetry published by FrACTalia.

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