Antetn GrandPrixNova 2022


SHORT FORMS. Serbia - Timeless

Production Company: RTS/Radio Belgrade. Producers: MA Predrag, D. StamenkoviŠ. Author, Director & Sound engineer: An­ela MiliŠ.


Bezvremena (Timeless) is a radiophonic piece, composed in the summer of 2020. The process of creation involved careful collection of sound materials, their analysis and processing. The entire audio content consists of specific sounds, which are recorded, collected and processed by getting them through different processors and playing with their rich frequency spectrum. Some sounds are sampled and thus set up as a special instrument, while others are stretched, decelerated or accelerated, in order to accentuate their relativity of duration and spread over time. Special attention is dedicated to the sound content of the selected materials - parameters such as timbre and its transformation. Moreover, special attention is also directed towards the echo, so some sound clips are reversed in their spread from the echo to the initial transient. The form of this work is unconstrained and intuitive.

The composition Timeless describes different reflections of consciousness, which arose as a consequence of contemplation about the relativity and (in)finity of time.