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SHORT FORMS. Switzerland - Vicious Dishes

Production Company: SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Producer: Anina Barandun. Author & Director: Karin Berri. Sound engineer: Roland Fatzer.


There is nothing more beautiful than to have given your name to a good dish.” (Jean Cocteau)

Some dishes refuse to disappear from the menus for centuries. These dishes resist every neurotic chef’s whim. As „classics”, they undergo a culinary apotheosis and become immortal. Take the great singer Nellie Melba, for example – she still lives on in her peaches. And who knows anything about Count Stroganoff beyond the fact that a delicious beef dish is named after him?

There are stories behind all those culinary classics: What is the connection between Lucrezia Borgia’s navel and tortellini? Or how did the Caesar Salad manage to become the only Italian immigrant from Mexico ever to make it onto the menu of the White House? Questions upon questions, waiting to be answered!

Vicious Dishes! is the first culinary docu-fictional podcast by Swiss Radio SRF, and it will bring tears to your eyes without even cutting onions. Seven episodes tell the stories of classics on the menu. No window-dressing. No quarter. Sustainable. Contains no palm oil. Prepared for you, with lots of passion and lots of love. Enjoy! Or as Julia Child would put it: „Bon Appétit!”.

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