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BINAURAL DRAMA. Germany - Tell Me Something Good, Stockhausen!

Producers: wittmann/zeitblom for NDR/DLF/BR. Authors: Christian Wittmann, Georg Zeitblom. Director: wittmann/zeitblom. Sound engineer: Boris Wilsdorf.


Change the method! – New methods change the experience. New experiences change man. Half a century after Karlheinz Stockhausen's legendary lecture Four Criteria of Electronic Music, the radio play duo wittmann/zeitblom, inspired by his ideas, float on a current of hyperreal sound synthesis. Man and machine adapt and transform each other with full intent. In 12 three-dimensional, purely digital binaural songs, the machine becomes the soloist. Everything organic is absorbed into it.

A new being, „Enhance”, steers us as an AI master of ceremonies through observations from our media, post-factual and thought template-driven everyday life, propagating the necessity of datacentrism. 

The songs spread out in the form of text surfaces rich in quotations and allusions. Fed by many sources, they tell of a data-driven perception of the world, that replaces the empathic-human one - that often schizophrenic and unsteady examination of reality. What was once called free thinking.

In view of the global trauma, is there any other answer to the formula „Tell me something good” invented by Google? How much leeway is left for humanity not to abolish itself? wittmann/zeitblom meditate on the end of old orders and a new creation myth. Well-planned denatured, emasculated, defeminized, diverse, Janus-faced.

Tell me something good, Stockhausen! is the second part of wittmann/zeitblom's Digital-Trilogy @WONDERWORLD. In it, the authors use the voices of Alice Dwyer and Sabin Tambrea to generate a one-hour 360˚ human voice machine, with the help of quotations from texts by Nick Bostrom, László F. Földényi, Rosa Luxemburg, Yuval Noah Harari, an AI-poem-generator, Julius Sturm, Robert Barry, Michel Houellebecq and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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