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SHORT FORMS. Serbia - Secret Voyage

Production Company: RTS/Radio Belgrade. Author, Director & Sound engineer:Andjela MiliŠ. Text - Monica Osnato. Translation and adaptation of the text - Du╣ka Vrhovac. Vocal (soprano) - Jovana AniŠ. Translator: Nata╣a VujnoviŠ.


About work
An­ela MiliŠ

SECRET VOYAGE cycle of miniatures for voice (soprano) and electronics The composition was created based on a text written by poet Monica Osnato, and adapted by Du╣ka Vrhovac. The title of the miniatures follows the titles of the poems: Footsteps (Koraci) Landing on the Moon (Spu╣tanje na mesec) Glass Bubbles (Mehuri od stakla) Silence (Ti╣ina) The audio composition was recomposed and follows the text dynamics. The first miniature sets the starting atmosphere and footsteps suggest the beginning of a journey without a specific destination. Landing on the Moon symbolizes leaving the present time and escaping reality, while the next miniature, which is also the longest, describes facing fears - any kind of them (fear of loneliness, of the unknown, of words...). In the last miniature Silence, the emphasis is on the text, which is simple, yet powerful, and suggests peace. The voice was intended to sound like a narrator, but at the same time like a protagonist. The use of glissando and sprechgesang, or spoken singing, as well as the interweaving of the voice and the recorded speech and whispers, suggests that the singing parts can be followed as a train of thought of the performer. Electronics are produced as a tape, and abound in synthetic, but also isolated sounds like whispers or water drops, which were later processed. Electronics support the voice, reflect internal side and state of consciousness described in the text, but it was treated as an equal instrument giving the rhythm and dynamics to the entire composition. The artwork participated in the contest «NEDA DEPOLO 2019.»


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